My First Ever Post

I've never written a Blog post before. It's been one of those things that has been on my to do list for a while since I got my website redesigned, admittedly one I constantly put off. I'm not great with words, on paper anyway.  Get me in person I'm as chatty as they come, but writing really isn't my thing. Until now anyway - I hope!

Comparing Wedding Rings - Birmingham Elopement | Kate Jackson Photography

Why now?

Last week another photographer who was giving me some wonderful advice said I should think about investment into a photography festival, specifically SNAP Photography Festival. I'd already heard about it and was already convinced how UTTERLY AMAZING it would be to go, but considering I just spent a fair whack on updating my website & branding, a workshop before Christmas and having already put down a deposit on another later this year I absolutely couldn't afford it. GUTTED.

Then I found out that this year they are giving the chance to a certain number of newcomers to the industry to enter a ballot for a discounted ticket. ACE! All you have to do to enter the draw is to write a blog post detailing why you want to go. UH-OH, a blog post, really? I read it again, yep there's no way around it. So here I am. Doing the one thing I dread, here goes. . .

Fun Birmingham Wedding | Kate Jackson Photography

Why do I want to go so much?

I had already been told that 'it's an intense, amazingly supportive community and a real photographic and business hub', and after reading reviews from past attendees about the approach to workshops & talks, it sounds so bloomin' perfect for me. I love learning new ways that I can do my job better, because it makes for better pictures and happier couples.

I recently did a workshop with Alan Law, and I learnt so much in just one day, as well as feeling truly supported in my endeavour in trying to build my business. I came back feeling totally inspired and like I could take on the world. Can you imagine how I'd feel after four whole days?!

The one amazing thing I have discovered since throwing myself 100% into the world of Wedding Photography is how completely and utterly supportive and generally lovely the community of photographers surrounding it is, like seriously, it's something I have never experienced before. SNAP is the perfect example and I want to be part of that too! Can you blame me?

Mayfair Library London First Look | Kate Jackson Wedding Photography

My journey so far?

It's hard to know where to start with this, as it has been rather long, with the odd detour! I have always wanted to be a photographer, just like my Dad. Though I reckon he’d describe himself as a Multi-disciplinary Artist these days, as that is where his path has taken him.

My love for photography probably started aged 5 months, my first selfie.

Kate Jackson Photography | Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Skip a few years and I graduated University with a First Class degree in Photography. Whilst at University I started working closely photographing people and communities in the Black Country, where I grew up.  It was during this time I undertook a project focusing on people who were taking part in dance activity - from professional performances to social tea dances - and where I found a passion & skill for photographing Dance, Theatre & Arts events as well as an interest in the organisation behind them. I've had some of my work published in magazines, books & exhibited.

When two of my best friends got engaged they asked me to photograph their wedding because they loved my work. I agreed and totally fell in love, but OH BOY did I have a lot to learn, and remember those detours I mentioned?

At this point in my life I was snug in the role as Programme Coordinator for an Arts organisation. I loved it. It was demanding and busy, but I was learning so much and I had an amazing bunch of people I was working with. 

Even better, I was still taking on photography commissions and doing my own personal projects. It was then I decided to save up whilst still keeping full time job, learn and grow as a photographer, second shoot weddings and go about it all sensibly. Little did I know members of staff were about to be made redundant, along with me. So while I wasn’t quite ready to launch my photography business full time, it seems fate had decided for me! 

So I moved back to my mums, picked my camera back up, and really concentrated on my personal approach to photography. I set up a website, put the word out amongst friends and booked some of my first couples in, who surprisingly were total strangers, at the time anyway (firm friends now of course)!

I also invested in an amazing mentoring session with photographer Claire Penn and it reinforced everything and helped me to push forwards to follow what I want to do as well as giving me such brilliant business advice. 

It's sometimes slow going compared to if I'd saved up properly but in a way I am so happy it happened the way it did, because otherwise I wouldn’t have met the amazing couples who were my first shoots, and all the amazing love I’ve got to capture since then!

Champagne at Mayfair Library  - London Wedding Photography.jpg

Why I want to succeed?

When my sister got married I suddenly got it, the whole marriage, wedding & the celebration surrounding it all. I cried for two days (happy tears). There was just something I hadn't understood before that. I knew I wanted to be the person that captures that day in people’s lives, what could be more special? 

It honestly makes me SO happy. Every wedding & couple is truly unique, I love photographing people, I always have. There is just something about a wedding I find so utterly amazing and special.

I’ve never felt as passionate about anything as I do with the weddings I shoot. It's challenging, inspiring, exhausting and exhilarating. It's also a lot of fun. I don't just want to take great photographs; I want to be happy doing it. That's what will keep me pushing and being the very best I can for myself and for my couples.

Fun & Quirky Confetti Shot Wedding Photography - Blackfriars Priory Gloucester

Anything else?

I really like marmite. Just kidding! Well I do really like marmite but what I really want to say is, I come from a different photography background, one where I was a bit of a lone wolf doing my own thing. Until my mentoring session with Claire Penn I had never met another wedding photographer. That's something I'd really like to do, make friends and be part of this amazing community of photographers there is. I want to learn, as well as support others, and to share my own knowledge, it sounds cheesy but I want to grow with others! You never know, I could be one of the people mentoring and supporting other newcomers one day. I'd like that.

Fun Moseley Wedding Party | Kate Jackson Photography
Festival Wedding Blessing - London Wedding Photographer | Kate Jackson Photography
Real Emotions at Birmingham Wedding | Kate Jackson Photography