Documentary Wedding Photography


So what is documentary wedding photography exactly? Otherwise known as photojournalism or reportage photography, documentary photography essentially does what it says on the tin - it documents your day, just as it was. A truthful account, with nothing forced posed or orchestrated. THE REAL STUFF BABY!

Documentary Wedding Photography - Gloucester | Photo by Kate Jackson


Every photographer approaches things differently as far as how they take the images but for me it is all about honest, informal & unposed image taking. I like to photograph my couple's story as it unfolds, capturing the fun, natural moments as they happen.  Shooting candidly, I capture the details of your day and looking for the moments that might otherwise go unnoticed (like the kids playing hide and seek in the garden).

Kids at Weddings Fun Games - Evesham | Kate Jackson Photography


When asked my style I would say it's about 90 percent documentary and 10 percent multi-inspired. Will I still take some group shots, of course! I come from a big family - I know the drill. Most of my couples don't want any, but I know how important group photographs can be and most documentary photographers will ensure they allocate a short amount of time to get some group shots and portraits, they will advise on the time needed and ensure to do them quickly and efficiently, that way no-one is away from the party for too long.

I also enjoy taking some time out for couple portraits, or what I call 'couple time'. We go for a little walk, you get to relax and just be yourselves and I'll follow along and take some beautiful shots. I'll do a mixture of leaving you both to it, asking you to stand in a certain spot and also directing (without saying put your hand there, your face there, I make it fun I promise, mostly I just ask you questions and photograph your reactions). Ultimately I want everyone to be relaxed and chilled out rather than feeling like you are being gunned down by the heat of a camera or forced into something that feels unnatural. I'll watch your interactions and work with those. If my couples don't want any portraits or groups that's cool too. These are tiny elements of the day, for the most part I'll shoot unobtrusively - that's a promise I won't ask your guests to say cheese or strike a pose (unless they you know, really want to), instead I'll blend in with your family and friends capturing wonderfully natural and relaxed images.

When my clients receive the photos from their day they get the full story of the day, the big moments and the small. When they look back on their wedding albums they get to relive the day - only better because I was looking out for moments that could easily be forgotten between the 'I dos' and the first dance. I look for the images that your friends or family might not think to take, that's why I think it's so important to hire a professional documentary photographer. 

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I like to think of my approach to wedding photography as documentary with a creative twist. I'm certainly influenced by other styles, and make it a point to attend different photography workshops that not only inspire me but push and challenge me. By continuing to grow and develop as a photographer I will always be improving my end product for my couples. My ultimate goal is to take timeless images you will treasure forever, and photos I'll be pretty proud of too.

Mayfair Library London - Documentary Wedding Photography | Photo by Kate Jackson
Alternative Boat Themed Wedding | Kate Jackson Photography
Boho Wedding - Gloucester Blackfriars Priory Photographer | Kate Jackson Photography