Wedding Planning | Pinterest

First off let me be clear, I love Pinterest. I'm constantly using it for home decor ideas, photography inspiration to hair styles. When it comes to planning your wedding day it can be really handy too. You can create your own mood boards and follow others to get some great ideas for your day. From table decor, venue styling, flowers and so on. It can be an amazing resource that's for sure - you can even end up finding your wedding photographer on there! As many, like me pin their work and these get shared around which is very very lovely. Blogs also pin real weddings so it can be an amazing source of inspiration.

As a wedding photographer though I always give a word of warning to couples planning their big day and are big Pinterest lovers - take what you see with a pinch of salt. I know what you are thinking – “whaaat I love it, she’s mental”. I love it too, but when looking at home décor ideas before I know it I’ve pinned 1000+ totally different bathrooms and I feel totally overwhelmed in what I wanted in the first place. Weddings are the same. Pinterest is wonderful, but it is also flooded with different styles, different locations, time of year, styled weddings and so on. It can leave you feeling very confused on what you want and sometimes give you unrealistic expectations.

As a photographer receiving a list of Pinterest shots all of total different style and nature it can be get in the way of the real story (in fact a list of any kind can be). Whilst I love to know what is important to my couples the way I shoot is natural, rather than working to a list, capturing the real story of your day, as it happens. If I'm busy working to a list of shots I'm never going to be able to capture what's going on around me and could easily miss some amazing moments between family and friends.

It's also good to remember your photographer can't replicate another photographers style, approach and the final produced image, if you've booked your photographer it's for the style of images within their portfolio. That said, it can also be a great source of inspiration and of course you can find the photographer you love! I have known several fellow photographers to get booked through Pinterest, so if you are planning the details of your day and haven't checked it out you certainly should. Just be wary to not get bogged down in pins, I know I can!! If you'd like to checkout my Pinterest inspiration boards, you can always give me a follow here.