Rainy Wedding

How to nail your rainy wedding photos

What if it rains on my wedding day?

I photograph a lot of outdoor weddings, having the freedom of getting married pretty much anywhere you want these days is so liberating – from a tipi in an open field to on top of a mountain. Even if you aren’t planning an outdoor wedding, the thought “what if it rains?!” on your wedding day may still be on your mind. After all, this is the UK and our weather is nothing but unpredictable.

Festival wedding in the rain

No matter what time of year or where you plan to marry there’s a chance it might rain. Take it from me, rain on your wedding day doesn’t mean disaster. Personally I think a rainy wedding can make for some really fun photos, plus I am a big fan of rainbow umbrellas. Not only this, overcast rainy days can create some really beautiful light - seriously. Cloud cover is wonderful, because it's basically like a magnificent soft box making tones look super dreamy. Or even better, a dramatic stormy sky, I'll take that over harsh sunshine any day!

Not convinced? Read on for my top tips on how to roll with the rain.

Plan for it

If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception that isn’t under cover then have a wet weather contingency. If you can move it indoors, do that. If it’s in a tipi/marquee/tent check with your supplier about the flooring options in case of bad weather.

If you are dead set on staying outside during the ceremony or for any other part of your day then just buy a ton of lovely looking umbrellas and just go with it. Get some colourful wellies for yourselves and tell your guests to bring a pair just in case. That way everyone can stomp about happily. If we need to do group shots indoors I'll work out the best place to do this, and if there isn't enough natural light I always have lighting equipment with me for any situation. If you didn't bet on rain use anything that's handy and head inside like my bride Lucy below.

Embrace it

Whether it rains or not, you are still getting married and your wedding will still be a bag load of fun. You’ve prepared with umbrellas and wellies and everyone is going to have a good time. Grab your brolly and get out in it! You might get a bit wet but you’ll also have some really lovely photos to show for it. Or you could just wait for the rain to pass and go stomp about in the puddles barefoot like Emma. And you see that sky right? OOOLALA.


Trust your wedding suppliers

As a professional photographer I can work in all kinds of conditions, sunshine, snow, rain – bring it on. I know how to deal with the elements, and like I said above overcast rainy days have lovely light to work with. A good wedding supplier won’t blink an eye at the prospect of rain so just chat to them to ensure they are happy come rain or shine. I’ll always keep an eye on the weather and if we need to move group/couple shots to a different point in the day then it's important to be flexible about that. If indoors is all we can do, then trust me we can still make something awesome.


Have fun with it

Remember when you were a kid and stomping in puddles was the best thing ever? Channel that mindset – you’ll have an absolutely amazing time if you do.

I turn up raring to go whatever the weather, so whilst it might be easier said than done, try not to panic if the heavens open. I've done this before.