Photo wizardry by Emma Fenton.

Photo wizardry by Emma Fenton.

Nice to meet you.

Hi I'm Kate, a wedding photographer based in Birmingham in the West Midlands. I love spending my time photographing weddings in my natural, relaxed & fun style. I'd love to learn all about you two, but here's a little about me to get us started.

Remember the song 'Tracey Jacks' by Blur? Well I used to think it was actually about me.

I'd sing 'Katy Jacks woo ooo ooo ooo' (I was 4). Now that I’m 30, I still settle for my Uncle’s own musical tribute to my nickname…  ‘Jackers, you drive me crackers’.

So basically I like to be greeted with a song... Just kidding, just call me Kate!

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First off, family are my favourite. My Dad is my travel partner of choice, just a few years ago we spent 5 wonderful weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. And my 3 year old nephew is basically just the best thing ever. 

I think technology is brilliant. But you’ll still catch me flicking through real-life books rather than virtual ones. Call me old-school but I like to feel the pages.

I often wish Fun House was still a thing so that I could have a go on that crazy balloon tube (you know what I'm talking about right?!)

I’m thoughtful… and bubbly, and silly, and kind. That’s according to my friends anyway, and quite frankly I’m happy with that.

I love marmite. But I won’t hate you if you don’t.

My other half is an awesome drummer. So when I’m not photographing, I’m hanging out at his gigs and fully appreciating his skill (despite my own lack of musical aptitude). We have just done the 'grown up' thing and bought a house and we have a little cat called Eleven. I'm convinced she has special powers, I've never seen Damon so mushy over anything. Plus her stripes make her look like she has an 11 stamped on her head, and ya know, Stranger Things.

I love good music. And by good, I mean anything from Queens of the Stone Age to Five.

I’m not all flowers and glitter, I used to be a WBA FC season ticket holder. I still keep an eye on how they’re doing but of course, I’m pretty busy most weekends these days.

I’ve always had a somewhat active imagination. At 5, my Barbies would be my bath time Baywatch babes, using my mom's tampons as lifeguard floats and clearly saving the day!

Don’t worry, it's tamed it a little as I’ve gotten older, but I’m pretty sure my imagination is here to stay. Which is just how I like it.

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My first ever wedding was a total flop. I had no idea what I was doing! My friend said “Kate - we need you to photograph our wedding for us.” I told her: “but I've never done anything like that before” and she just said “it's ok, we just want party photos like you take of us when we go to the pub.” So I was like ummm ok. Anyway it was the hardest thing I've ever done and I cringe looking back on what I took - apart from the party pics. I thought I'm NEVER doing that again. Years later an old colleague asked me if I'd do her wedding and I said yes. This time, I went in armed with a bit more experience, a decent helping of wedding knowledge and a bucketload of bravado and nailed it. The couple were over the moon. I thought “this is what I want to do!”

Weddings are everything I love about photography in one amazing bubble, I’m an avid people watcher, watching and waiting for moments. I love meeting people and being able to capture something about them, at that moment, in that time, in that place. This is true of all my photography I think, and why I love weddings so much.

Whether you’re having a chilled out back garden affair, a funky urban city centre wedding, or fun festival style barn wedding - I want to be there, I love it all! I immerse myself in the fun and joyful experience of your wedding day and capture moments right from the thick of the action. My desire to tell people’s stories is behind everything I do.

You want a wedding photographer who will be like an old mate blending in. I cry at speeches, I shake it off to Taylor Swift on the dance floor and love a good belly laugh with your mates. Booze and food might come top of your list for wedding priorities - the most important thing to you is that you have a blast (and have a few photos to prove it!).

I really do put all my energy into someone’s day. I care about the work I’m making, and am constantly striving to be better. One of my couples recently said: “The photos are beyond incredible. I don't know how you manage to capture so many perfect little moments, moments I didn't even realise had happened! Your talent is huge and your loveliness is to match. I want to be back there doing it all again and reliving the moments, and that’s what your photos do for us.”

And if I can make someone feel that then that's my job done, and it's something I want people to feel every single time. If you love my work and you think I sound like the kinda gal for you, then I want to hear from you!

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