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Hey, I'm a wedding photographer based in Birmingham in the West Midlands. I love spending my time photographing weddings in my natural, relaxed & fun style. I'd love to learn all about you two, but here's a little about me to get us started.

Remember the song 'Tracey Jacks' by Blur? Well I used to think it was actually about me.

I'd sing 'Katy Jacks woo ooo ooo ooo' (I was 4). Now that I’m 29, I still settle for my Uncle’s own musical tribute to my nickname…  ‘Jackers, you drive me crackers’.

So basically I like to be greeted with a song... Just kidding, just call me Kate!

It's me, this is rare. Beautiful photo by Florence Fox.

It's me, this is rare. Beautiful photo by Florence Fox.

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First off, family are my favourite. My Dad is my travel partner of choice, just a few years ago we spent 5 wonderful weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. And my 2 year old nephew is basically just the best thing ever. 

My 5 a day? Nachos, Original Lucozade, Sushi, Prosecco and... raw broccoli (yep, really).

I think technology is brilliant. But you’ll still catch me flicking through real-life books rather than virtual ones. Call me old-school but I like to feel the pages.

I often wish Fun House was still a thing so that I could have a go on that crazy balloon tube (you know what I'm talking about right?!)

I’m thoughtful… and bubbly, and silly, and kind. That’s according to my friends anyway, and quite frankly I’m happy with that.

My other half is an awesome drummer, and also runs a drum shop. So when I’m not photographing, I’m hanging out at his gigs and fully appreciating his skill (despite my own lack of musical aptitude!)

I love good music. And by good, I can mean anything from Queens of the Stone Age to Taylor Swift.

Contemporary dance is another passion of mine, and very much a part of my story growing up.

I’m not all flowers and glitter, I used to be a WBA FC season ticket holder. I still keep an eye on how they’re doing but of course, I’m pretty busy most weekends these days. I'm also a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

I’ve always had a somewhat active imagination. At 5, my Barbies would be my bath time Baywatch babes, using my mom's tampons as lifeguard floats and clearly saving the day!

Don’t worry, it's tamed it a little as I’ve gotten older, but I’m pretty sure my imagination is here to stay. Which is just how I like it.

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I had a camera in my hand before I could even speak (cheesy but totally true). I loved to snap everyone and everything around me. With my Dad being a photographer, writer, and huge inspiration, it was a natural progression for me. Though words weren’t really my thing, so I learnt to tell my stories through the photographs I took.

The years passed and my passion continued, leading me to graduate University with a First Class Photography degree. I embarked on my career, documenting the fascinating details of where I grew up - the Black Country. It has always held a special place in my heart so I find myself revisiting with my camera and continuing to work on my personal hometown projects (when I find the time that is).


My path into weddings is a story I hear all the time - yep - a friend asked me! She literally said 'I really like the photos you take of us in the pub' and that was it. I had a little experience of photographing weddings before this, mostly my families weddings (my sister's was the first one I ever shot alongside my Dad). But this was a bit different, I was solo and I loved it from then on in. No question about it photographing weddings is what I wanted to do, always - I just hadn't discovered it until that point.

People are at the heart of my craft. Whether it’s the community feel of my personal documentary photography projects or the stunning love stories that I get to shoot. I love photographing natural & authentic moments, documenting the real emotion behind them.

For me, it’s about immersing myself in the experience of your wedding day and being able to portray moments right from the thick of the action. Capturing feelings is what I do best, and the desire to tell peoples stories is behind everything I do.

I love photographing weddings no matter where they are or what they'll be like, for me it's all about you two, from a chilled out back garden affair, a funky urban city centre wedding, fun festival style barn or laid back local pub. I'm there.  If you love my work and you think I sound like the kinda gal for you, then I want to hear from you!

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Afternoon Tea Alternative Wedding at Jelly Jam Pickle in Evesham | Kate Jackson Photography


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