Dan + Lucan


The above is a surprise - a good one I hope - to view in best quality turn press the little cog on the right and switch on the HD! (1080p). You might need to let it buffer ahead to begin with depending on your internet speed but trust me it's worth it! Grab a beer and settle in, because your photos are here! WOOHOO.

Your photography from the day is in your online password protected gallery which you can find by following the button below. Thank you again for having me photograph your really lovely wedding, it was such a lovely relaxed day!

You can order prints online through the gallery from the lab directly. Use the following code to get a lovely 50% off until 31 August 2018, just enter this code at check out (case sensitive): SUMMER18

For friends + family viewing this page, if you don't have the password just ask Dan & Lucan.

Kate Jackson Photography Brand Elements



Kate J Photography Brand Elements