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First off, I’m going to ask around a million questions.

Not just because it helps me to do my job on your wedding day, but because I genuinely want to hear all about who you are, what floats your boat, and of course all the details you have planned. If you’re a secret Belieber, or if you like to do the worm after a few drinks, I want need to know all of that fun stuff. After all, if I’m telling your story, I want to make sure I nail the best parts.

Whether we meet up or talk on the phone, we’ll become friends in the months that lead up to your wedding (unless you don't want to, which is ok too). You can let me know how your plans are coming along and I can make sure my role as your wedding photographer on the day fits in the most groovesome of ways. Full disclosure, I make up words sometimes.


Now that we’re all prepared - this is the fun bit!

Your wedding day is about you as a couple. Make your promise to each other, enjoy the company of your family and friends, party hard if you like, and know that I’m capturing it all as you go in a style that is just as relaxed as you two are.

While you can’t be everywhere at once, I am always on the look out and in on the action. From the emotional first looks, to the ‘just married’ grins and your proud-as-punch parents. I blend seamlessly in with your guests, so everyone’s relaxed, having fun, and creating beautifully snappable memories.


The first thing I do when I get home is back up all of your photos which I keep super safe until they are safely in your hands, and then... I sleep (post wedding recovery well earnt).

While you float off to enjoy your lovely newlywed bubble, I’ll get to work on your wedding photographs. If I can I'll post a sneak peek or two along the way - via Instagram, Facebook or blog post, so you’ll have a taste of what’s to look forward to. It can then take around 8 weeks for me to finalise your images especially during peak season, but they'll be worth the wait.

Then, before you know it... Ta-dah! You get to relive the amazingness of your day all over again.

You’ll receive an invite to view your online password protected gallery, which allows you to easily download and print your favourite photos and share your wedding day online with your loved ones.  You can also order prints directly from the lab - easy peasy!

As you flick through your gallery, you get to remember just how you felt and to discover anything you might have missed in glorious high-definition, whether that's your mates throwing some serious shapes or your mum crying during your ceremony. So stock up the snacks, share a bottle and enjoy being there once again.


I'm based in Birmingham in the West Midlands, but it doesn't matter where you are having your wedding or what your wedding is all about - what's important is my relaxed photography style is YOUR kinda style.  I offer wedding photography services in Birmingham, Warcwickshire, Shropshire, London, Sheffield, rest of the UK and beyond - you get the picture... (see what I did there?!)

If you want to know more about me or the wedding photography process please just ask!

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Have any questions about your wedding photography? Just want to chat all things weddings and make a new friend? I'd love to hear from you.



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