You’ve seen what I albums I have to offer, now see what an album could look like. This is based on a 20 spread album.


  • Choose your album size, number of spreads and cover options. Order by filling out the form below.

  • I’ll send you an invoice for payment and any further instructions (like help picking images).

  • Choose your images in your online gallery by using the heart function to create a favourites list. I recommend picking around 40 images for a 15 spread (30 page) album. I’ll email you advice on how to chose your images, if you’d rather I chose, I am more than happy to do this.

  • Once I have your images I’ll get started on your album design - this usually takes me around two weeks but is quicker in quieter periods.

  • You will receive a draft for proofing, once approved it goes off to print. It’s really important you check through this carefully, once it’s gone to print I can’t undo it!

  • (a few weeks later) Yaaaaaay, you receive your album and show it off to everyone you know. Your photos are free to be seen ALL THE TIME.


Order your album by filling out the form below - it’s super easy to do. Just in case you didn’t check it out yet download the album brochure here, it’s where you’ll find info on cover options etc.

Shipping Address *
Shipping Address
A basic album comes with a minimum of 15 spreads (30 sides). Additional spreads can be added in multiples of 5. You can add a maximum of 50 (100 sides) spreads to your album.
Please check the album guide for colour and material options.
Your names and wedding date will be printed on your album in title position e.g. - HARRY + SALLY 18 APRIL 2021. There are a number of options on how this can be applied to the cover depending on the material. I will let you know if your choice is not available for your cover material choice. See the album guide for descriptions of each choice.
Each album comes in its own eco kraft box with cotton cover wrap, you can upgrade to a bamboo presentation box for any of the parent albums.
Please note 6 x 6" albums can only be added as a duplicate to a parent album. Indicate number of mini duplicate albums you'd like to add.
If so indicate number, and cover colour and material choices here. eg. 1 10 x 10", Mustard bold fabric and 1 8 x 8, damson bold fabric.

If you don’t hear from me within 48 hours during my office hours (Tuesday - Thursday, 10am - 6pm) something may have gone awry so please drop me an email on kate@katejacksphoto.co.uk

I can’t wait to get started on your album!

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