Snap Photography Festival | More Than A Workshop

Photo of t wedding photographers walking on the beach during Snap Photography Festival Workshop

Snap Photography Festival - a workshop and retreat for wedding
and lifestyle photographers

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Snap Photography Festival was one of those real life changing moments for me, not just in business but in life too. It’s been nearly two years since I attended my first Snap and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. It’s cheesy but so true, if there had been endless paths and I hadn’t ended up at Snap my life I know my life would be so different to today, just like if I hadn’t taken a job that meant I meat Will who knew Jamie who knew Damon, and subsequently I met him and fell into all that love, or that time I quit my A Levels in History, English and Textiles because I wanted to go to Art School (hellllo big life choice that worked out so well). Without Snap I certainly wouldn’t have evolved to where I feel I am at now business wise, I love my job, love my couples and love the business I have created. I feel like I found my-me there, if that makes any sense at all.

The first time I went to Snap I was a nervous wreck. I knew no-one and there were so many people. Now I call so many of those people my best of friends, a huge community full of photographers that support, encourage and inspire me everyday.

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In that one week, things had a total turnabout for my business. Attending a variety of talks, workshops, live shoots, business sessions and simply going for a walk and a chat with other photographers. The schedule had such variety and was so well rounded. I felt I took something away from each session I attended, each snippet that clicked with me was golden.

The first time I went, I knew no one. The fear was real. But after I returned home I realised I had made some solid friends. Last year I had the amazing opportunity to not just attend Snap, but work for Snap too. Say hello to TOP BUDDY! That’s a title I just made up, I think the official title is Welfare Officer. I know how nerve wracking attending for the first time can be, so I look after the Snap Buddy System which ensures that a returning SNAPster is teamed up with anyone new so everyone has a friendly face in the crowd if they ever need it. Here’s what Elle had to say about it last year:

“Katy made my whole experience at SNAP last year so much better. I was so nervous joining SNAP as a first timer, but Katy was always there checking in with you and chatting to literally everyone to make them feel so welcome. Thanks Katy for all your hard work last year. The buddy system truly made SNAP a unique experience.” - Elle

I feel so very lucky to be in this position as I want everyone who attends Snap to feel part of the community, there in the midst of it and afterwards, as the continued support and friendship is one of the things that make Snap so special. Being able to ask advice, having trips out and co-working days honestly keeps me sane some days.

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The schedule also leaves time for downtime which means time for yoga, hanging out taking photos, playing jenga, sitting by the camp fire, going for a walk, or dancing until you have zero energy left. Snap is not just a workshop, it’s a retreat and the stuff outside of the talks and workshops is just as important. Midweek there is a massive party, always with a theme (last year the theme was SHINY DISCO BALLS and I was in my element surrounded my glitter).

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There are only a few tickets remaining for what will be the very last edition of SNAP! in its current format. They are currently running an awesome giveaway where you can win a ticket to SNAP! 19 and a host of other awesome prizes, so head over to check it out. If you’ve been thinking of investing in your business, now’s the time!

Snap is so much more than just a workshop, it is such a special place, and this year it will be my third year attending, and my second year working for Snap, and I can’t wait.

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Snap Photography Festival is a unique festival and creative retreat aimed at wedding and lifestyle photographers and takes place 29 April - 3rd May 2019 in Somerset. For more info head here.