Colourful Warehouse Wedding in Hackney | Nancy + Lusea

Two brides both wearing sequin glitter outfits stood against a brick wall kissing at fun Hackney Old Dairy Wedding.

Balloons galore, sequins, full of colour and McDonalds

A fun warehouse wedding in London

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Nancy and Lusea got married in an amazing blank canvas warehouse venue called the Old Dairy in the heart of Hackney in London and it was one fun and colourful shindig. When they first got in touch and we discovered we had a mutual love of hamsters, tattoos and Disney we knew we were going to get on like a house on fire. With enough balloons worthy of a feature in Up, neon details and all of the inflatables I felt like I'd walked into my own personal wonderland. And would you believe they did it all themselves, yes it was all DIY! Including that amazing balloon display. I giggled my way through the day with special guest appearances from Lumiere during the speeches, a magic show by Lusea's dad, and some serious dance floor action.

“Ooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!! We literally love!  They are SO full of joy and fun and that’s exactly how we remember the day so it’s so great to see that come through in the photos! Just amazing!!!”

My fave part was when that marched onto the dance floor in ALL the sparkly sequins to Whitney Houston’s ‘How Will I Know?’ with best men holding up placards with the word ‘she’ and everyone singing it in place of ‘he’ (sing it to yourself and you'll see what I mean). Topped off with friends dancing about with light up 'McCambell' batons, which is their two surnames put together to make one whole new one. And finishing off with iridescent sequin confetti canons, safe to say these pair know how to throw a party! Oh and did I mention they had McDonalds delivered by UberEats as an alternative to the usual 3 course wedding breakfast? It was kind of amazingly incredible, and so much fun, I’m so happy I got to make them a wedding film too. I still can't believe they did pretty much everything themselves. So. Many. Balloons.

Scroll on down not forgetting to check out the photos to find out what the couple had to say all about their supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wedding day.



How did you meet?

We met working at a jewellery company Tatty Devine.

Tell me all about the proposal!

Lusea: We both unknowingly planned to propose on the same holiday in Los Angeles in July last summer. I managed to get in there first on the 2nd day of holiday after a sleepless night before. I did it in an art installation appropriately called 'Infinity Room' which I had secretly organised alone time in, we managed to capture a great shot of me down on one knee behind Nancy before she realised what I was doing. Nancy's first response was 'I was going to do that!'. With great relief Nancy proposed a couple of days later at the very top of the Mickey Wheel of Fun at Disneyland in California.

How did you plan your wedding?

We organised the whole wedding in 6 months, which was totally doable for us, as we were really well organised. It was great that we felt like we could do what ever we wanted, and coming to a joint decision on every last detail. 

What made you choose the Old Dairy in Hackney as your wedding venue?

We were very open as to where to get married, we knew the venue would determine what kind of style wedding we would have, after looking at a few in Cornwall, Kent and London, and even considering eloping in Las Vegas we came across The Old Dairy online. It was our perfect blank canvas. It just had the right vibe for us. We loved how raw and striped back it was and knew it could handle how much colour we wanted to inject into it without it feeling too much.

Tell me about those amazing outfits!

Lusea wore a dress she spotted on the Topshop website, which luckily fitted her perfectly. Nancy found hers online too from Goddiva, she knew she wanted a gold sequin dress so ordered a few different styles but the first one she tried on was perfect. Again it fitted her beautifully. 2 very lucky accidentally frugal finds. Our engagement rings were by made by Seb Brown in Australia, who we found on instagram, and the wedding rings were made by Niza who we found at Cockpit Studio, we particularly love that the rings are called 'Female Crush'. Lusea also wore her Grandmothers wedding ring on her thumb who had passed away that year. Nancy wore a bracelet given to her by her sister on the morning of the wedding, and a necklace from Orelia jewellery saying 'Los Angeles' referring to where we got engaged. Nancy wore Melissa x Vivenne Westwood shoes and Lusea wore a pair from Office. For the evening, Lusea wore a sequin dress that she had had for years but never had the chance to wear it, from Missguided. Paired with a pair of customised Vans trainers which had a picture of when she proposed to nancy on the front and 'SHE SAID YES' on the back. Nancy wore a matching skirt to Lusea from Reserved with shoes from Rainbow Office. We both wore necklaces from Tatty Devine with our new surname, as a nod to wear we first met.

What made you choose your decor and styling?

We didn't set out with a theme in mind, we simply did what we liked and that came through in a very colourful, fun and relaxed way, a day that we can honestly say was true to us. We used lots of materials and objects we already had and naturally use in our own art work. We both love colour so it was really important to be able to bring the right tones of colour in without it looking like a rainbow spectrum wedding. 

We'd always wanted to have an excuse to make one of those giant balloon sculptures, so our wedding seemed like the perfect time to do that. It was the main decoration for the venue and filled up a lot of space adding atmosphere to the main room. 

Tell me about your ceremony

The ceremony was the most important part of the day for us, the whole day was about the commitment we made to each other. We each had a song for walking down the aisle, Lusea had the more sentimental 'First Mind' by Nick Mulvey which we played a lot when we first got together and Nancy had Dreams’ by Gabrielle. Every time we hear it, it makes us laugh. Nancy used to sing it when Lusea would suggest things like a trip to Disney world! ;) So the lyrics are quite apt and of course the song is a classic, and set the precedence that we were going to have fun that day. Lynn, the registrar, spent a lot of time trying to make her service personal to us, even including a mention about our love of Disney and Lego which got a big cheer from our guests. We really enjoyed our ceremony and felt as ease the whole time. Lusea's Sister did a reading she chose called All I Know About Love by Neil Gaiman. It is just so honest, and each time we read it, we had to hold back tears. We also wrote our own vows, this seemed a bit daunting but we separately wrote some and then edited down what we really thought was important to vow to each other. We also chose to read the same vow to one another so we promised the same things.

I promise to love, encourage, trust and respect you.
I promise to always be me and let you always be you.
And I promise to remember that you are on my side and I am on yours

What was it like working with Kate Jackson Photography?

Kate was an absolute joy and captured the laughter of our day so wonderfully. We chose her over any other photographers on our shortlist because we thought she would fit in well with our group, like a friend, she blended in so well and we just loved the non intrusive style. We never panicked that you wouldn't be there to capture any moments, I just trusted that you would be somewhere capturing something special. Everyone commented on how hard she worked (one of the Ushers saying she was the Lara Croft of photography). There's a lot of trust in the relationship with your photographer, but Kate never gave us reason to doubt her. She slotted into the vibe of the day really well, she was friendly and on it!

I want to know about that first dance! What was the meaning behind your song choice?

We had Whitney Houstons ‘How will I know’ as our first dance, we had the Ushers hold up big ‘SHE’ signs to replace the ‘he’ lyrics which made everyone sing along. This song was on the soundtrack of a film we watched separately but bonded over before we were together called ‘Walking on Sunshine’.

Finally if you could give advice for couples planning their wedding what would it be?

Make it a joint effort between you and do what you want- if you don’t like dancing rethink the party section- go bowling or do something different. The ceremony is the important bit, how you then choose to celebrate it is up to you so do something you would enjoy.

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Venue The Old Dairy by Kennedy and Kennedy
Second Shooter Berni Palumbo
Wedding Outfits Daytime - Nancy: Gold Wedding dress from Goddiva, Shoes Melissa x Vivenne Westwood. Lusea: Cream dress from Topshop, Shoes from Office
Evening - Nancy: Sequin skirt from Reversed. Shoes from Rainbow Office. Lusea: Sparkle sequin dress from Missguided. Customised trainers from Vans.
Evening custom necklaces - Tatty Devine. Nancy’s daytime necklace: Orelia
Rings Engagement rings - Seb Brown Wedding Rings - Niza.
Hair Open Barbers and Hair Bee Bee
Caterer McDonalds via Uber Eats

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