One shot | Behind the madness

I want to tell you a story, using just one image that encapsulates one wonderful wedding I photographed in 2016.

The reason I want to do this is simple: as a photographer, every single image is important. Each and every moment that I document makes up a couples' wedding day and is a special moment in time. I believe that the bits in between are just as important as the famous high points of a wedding like the vows, the speeches and the first dance. I keep and eye on every moment and interaction, because it's those little moments that's what builds and tells the whole special story.

Mark & Humera's alternative Birmingham wedding was pretty awesome. It was 3 whole days of awesome in fact! This photo was taken on day 3 of their wedding, at the huge family celebration that followed the more intimate ceremony. Some of Humera's family had travelled from America for just this one day, so every second counted. 

Birmingham The Bond Fun Wedding Photographer

As the newly married couple walked in they were greeted by Mark's children and Humera's nephew. The kids leapt on Mark with total glee and such a strong love they ended up pulling him down to the ground! I was right next to them on the floor, in on the action but - as I always want to be - going unnoticed. 

That meant I could truly capture this moment of pure joy and complete childhood maddness. Photographing from a viewpoint no one else had, a moment that was almost gone in an instant, without time to really soak up the impact of it all then and there myself. I just had to get the shot.

Looking at it now, I'm really proud that in lots of ways this photo, from many hundreds that document the whole event, really sums up the feel of this perfect fun wedding.

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